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SERVING TWO LOCATIONS: We now have 2 offices, Park Slope Brooklyn, and Millburn, NJ.

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H20:Flow is a comprehensive healing center that specializes in Colon Hydrotherapy, Detoxification, and Nutritional Consultations

Dear Friends,

The practices at H20:Flow are progressive because we base our healing practices off of a radical, yet incredibly intuitive philosophy that has lead all of us, and our friends to a healthy mind and body.

We believe that in order for the body to function efficiently without illness or stress, all systems must be maintained and working harmoniously. In order to accomplish this the body needs to be clean.

A body that is overwhelmed with societal poisons(from toxic foods and pollution) cannot possibly function properly because it is too busy trying to compensate for the foreign substances within its hollows. To bring the body back into a healthy state we must first dislodge the poisons from within and move them out of the system.

Once the system has been relieved from all of the burdensome waste material, it is then finally able to absorb the life sustaining vitamins and minerals it needs to come back from the brink of illness and maintain vitality.

While all of this may seem vague let me shed some light on the benefits of colon hydrotherapy.

Those who suffer from migraines, headaches, PMS, PMDD, emotional imbalances, chronic fatigue, cellulite, bad skin, acute and cronic pain, vitamen deficiency, excess body weight, constipation, irritable bowl syndrome, acid reflux, and more will find relief.

These are just a few of the many conditions that colon hydrotherapy and proper nutrition can help relieve. The list is nearly endless, but the solution is simple!

By participating in wisely applied cleansing techniques: rebounding, colonics, juice fasting, yoga, infrared sauna, eating more raw foods, etc. We can significantly reduce the amount of poison and obstruction in the body so that it can heal itself fast and efficiently.

This is why people experience instantaneous relief when being treated with colonics. Not only is the relief quick, it can lead to full improvement and even full eradication of symptoms over time.

Thank you for visiting us at H20:Flow, we welcome you to explore the rest of our website for more information. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact us.

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