Millburn, NJ (Right outside NYC)

Dietary Principles

There are two types of foods. There are acidic foods and alkaline foods.

Our goal is to help people increase their intake of alkaline foods over time because our bodies are naturally alkaline. This means that our ideal pH level is about 7. In order to shift the body’s pH level we must first introduce alkaline foods and show acidic substances the door.

Most people today have an overly acidic chemistry due to our toxic urban environments and civilized diets. The food of civilized society is acidic in nature and leaves a residue of waste in the colon. Acidic food is not only bad for us, but it is poisonous.

Since our colons are never completely emptied after our first meal we embark on this venture of accumulation throughout the course of our lifetimes; the accumulation of poisonous matter. A little bit of low-grade poison is never something to write home about.

It is only after decades of accumulation that this poisonous buildup starts to clog the body to such an extent that it can no longer function as a healthy symptom free organism. We start to see signs of this accumulation soon upon the completion of adolescence, acne, IBS, migraines, cancer, weight gain, mental imbalances, etc. Most modern killers can be traced back to this accumulation.

In order to overcome these imbalances we must first dislodge the poisons by introducing small amounts of cleansing foods into our systems. Once we awaken and loosen these poisons they must be removed from the body or they will simply recede back into the tissue and sicken the system all over again.

In order to avoid the poisons from being absorbed back into the body we must ensure that the poisonous waste has been removed. If you could not eliminate that burger from 1991 in 1991, what makes you think that you can do it now? Most people’s bowls simply are not strong enough to throw off the toxicity that is awakened; therefore, the help of colon hydrotherapy is necessary.

Colonics not only strengthen your body’s ability to remove waste over time, but it helps remove the truly sticky, nasty garbage that has been making you sick because you could not get rid of it yourself.

An example of this would the following: Imagine that you live in a huge 10-bedroom mansion. One day you go on vacation and your teenage kids throw a party and leave the entire house covered in a sticky beer residue. While you may try to clean it all up by yourself, you will soon realize that the mess has overwhelmed the house to such a degree that you as an individual cannot possibly clean it all up yourself.

You need some help. So you call a maid service.

Now 4 people are helping you clean and before you know it your house is back to its former self. You are relieved and thankful for the maids because you know that you could not get the job done on your own.

The body and toxicity are structured in the same way. The toxic modern diet is just like the unruly teenager who messed up the whole house (your body) and you start to clean your body, but realize that you need help to do it.

In this respect, the maid service is symbolic of colon hydrotherapy.

In essence, you awaken the poison through the implementation of a clean diet and colonics help get rid of the dirt that you clean up!