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Be careful, the information you are about to read will change your life. If you do not want to live in the dark any longer, keep reading. If not, please do not read beyond this sentence. As radical as this information may sound, if you think about it, it all makes perfect sense. Regrettably the truth is a simple thing, it is something so simple that it will forever elude the masses. Our goal is to bring the truth out into the light where society can breathe it in and wreap the benefits that it sews.

The reason why health eludes the masses in despite of all of the our technological advances and the abilities of western medicine is because people ignore the facts. The fact is that all disease, regardless the names that western medicine has given them, are simply a manifestation of constipation. Constipation has become our reality. There is not one single American out there who does not have putrefying waste lingering in their systems. In fact, the average American has at least 10 pounds of accumulated waste in their bodies. Thats you, right now.

Why do you think everyone smells so bad? They are literally rotting from the inside out. If this wasn’t true, perfume would be nothing but dead business.

Now you may wonder why you would have 10 pounds of accumulated waste material in the colon alone. You may even say that this is impossible, but let me tell you why it is the only possibility. The human body was meant to thrive off of a simple diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, mothers milk (for the first few months of life) and some animal flesh. Up until a few hundred years ago this was our main diet but as civilization grew more advanced, our menus began to stray from the natural. Fast forward a few years and now look at what we eat, lots of processed foods, chemicals and drugs. All of these concoctions that have somehow become known as edible food are virtually unrecognizable to the human body. If the body does not know what something is, it cannot process it, it will merely put it away for safe keeping. Kind of like procrastination. If we ingest something that is unrecognizable, our bodies will store them in our fat cells to keep the poison away from the vital organs.

It isn’t as though we have been eating junk for only a few years. The consistant consumption of toxicity has been the norm for generations upon generations. This suggests that toxicity runs deep, it has literally become apart of our genetic material, causing nothing but unnecessary suffering.

Why is this relevant and why should you care? There is not one sick person out there who is not constipated. This is because the human body’s success lies in its ability to regenerate and heal itself. A body who’s plumbing is literally clogged, cannot possibily regenerate itself. We expect extrodinary things from our bodies, we expect them to defy premature aging, to stay free of acne and celulite, to carry us, etc. These are all things that our bodies are perfectly capable of, but they are impossible to be achieved in a clogged system.

That is why it is necessary to remove the obstruction in order for the body to regenerate itself. In order to come back from the brink of death, to loose weight, to have tight skin, beautiful hair, glowing eyes and white teeth, to avoid cancer, heart disease, and diseased offspring we must first dislodge these poisons and then remove them. This is what H20:Flow specializes in, healing the body by removing its inherent obstruction.

We do this by guiding people through the cleansing process in a safe, effective, and yet incredibly simple manner. We losen the poisons within the body by introducing appropriate amounts of cleansing alkaline foods into the diet. These alkaline foods go into the system and awaken old putrid material by hydrating the body and pulling the acidic substances out of the cells and into our eliminative organs for removal.

In detail this process involves eating a healthy diet in order to awaken old poisons and to then help the body rid itself of these poisons through proper bowl management. The entire diet is an exidous. We put the good stuff in then pull out the bad until the body is cleansed.

Once the system is clean, the owner of that system will have a body that is not only ready for the beach, but will have one that is permanent. The results of cleansing are everlasting. Instead of having to constantly go to the gym and diet to maintain a slim figure it will simply always be there. The body and the health that you never thought you could have due to your genetic background is just around the corner. You just have to be bold enough to grasp it. A beautiful and healthy body is your birthright, not something that has been boiled down to sheer luck.

Its time to reclaim your birthright, be strong, confident and do it!