Millburn, NJ (Right outside NYC)

Mission Statement

Mission: To spread emotional freedom and vibrant health through carefully applied cleansing.

Message from Maren:

Dear Friends,

After working through my own healing process I became aware of the world’s oppressed state and what continually drives it to the dark side of the moon.

Before going through the cleansing process, I was mostly concerned with my own personal affairs. I was into how I looked and wallowed in the pain of my physical symptoms.

After a few years of physical healing and some tough mental reprogramming, I was finally able to open my eyes. I was able to see beyond my own suffering in order to realize the root of that suffering as well as the rest of society’s reasons for woe.

Seeing the light made it all so simple to me and being drugged up for ADD, women are destroying themselves to look mildly decent, people aging before their time and dying of easily avoidable diseases.

To be honest, it is all pretty disappointing to watch from my vantage point. It saddens me because I know how easily many people could transform themselves if they were willing to learn the necessary tools for change.

My sincere goal is to help teach these tools to those who want to learn. What I do is a labor of love; the labor of supporting life. Many see me and do not understand why after years of formal education that I have chosen this path. This crazy cleansing and colonics filled path.

The clear reality of it all is that I have seen the power of this work and strongly desire nothing more than to spread it.

I invite all of you to join me in this quest. Furthermore, I sincerely thank those who are moving towards self-improvement and teaching others.

Yours Truly,