Millburn, NJ (Right outside NYC)


A Bit About How Maren Got Here…

Since I was 13 I wanted to be an Art Historian. I have always felt that the objects we create reveal the most about us. By using our hands to turn our ideas into physical manifestations we can literally create a reflection of our subconscious and conscious minds alike. This is what attracted me to art and art history. I thought that I could learn the most about past people and events by studying their manifestations though their creative avenues. As an artist myself I also saw the physical manifestations of my psyche every day. In the beginning these manifestations were happy ones, pictures and sculptures that celebrated, my work and the work that I was drawn to emanated a full and bright aura.


Though, as my health and happiness started to deteriorate, the work that I created and appreciated were ones that signified dark times within the world. I was no longer enveloped in the beauty of Greece’s golden age but was attracted to ponder the portraits of the most morbid Egon Schiele.


By the time I was a sophomore in high school I was known as a sick kid. I even developed the nickname “granny” because I appeared to have the body of a 90-year-old woman. I was constantly getting injured and reinjured due to my body’s inability to heal from the damage done during my long career as a gymnast. Furthermore, I was always sick with strep throat, colds, flu’s, sinus infections, etc. and was therefore constantly consuming swarms of antibiotics.


These symptoms were a pleasure in comparison with the suffering that I consistently endured due to digestive distress and PMDD. Although, I always complained of digestive distress no one ever believed me. I was constantly bloated, constipated, and down right miserable. In fact, if you ask any of my friends they will tell you that they never saw me in a pair of jeans. I disregarded jeans as something I could never wear because I was so bloated that they wouldn’t button by lunch time. I thought that this way of life was normal, that everyone felt this way and that I just had to get used to it. I also suffered from PMDD. For two weeks out of every month I was reduced to a slave of my on body. From suicidal thoughts to cramps and vomiting, I went through it all. My doctors told me that taking birth control pills would solve these issues but all they did was to throw my body even further off balance.


Once I turned 17 and got to college, my health began to deteriorate very rapidly. I started getting epileptic-like migraines at least 2 times per week. I would run high fevers, experience bouts of blindness, convulsions, auras, dizziness etc. My head would feel like someone was running through my brain with the tip of a fork. I would sometimes hallucinate and collapse in the middle of the night in the bathroom and lay helpless until someone came along to bring me back to bed. These symptoms affected my life in everyway and I would plead with god to just give me another body to live in. I must have seen around 12 neurologists who were never able to help me. All they did was give me drugs and more drugs. I was so high from the pills that I was on all of the time that after 12 months of pill popping I could no longer pay attention in class anymore. I was a zombie. The epilepsy medication made me dumb and the Midrin and naproxen made me wax and wane between hyperactivity and fatigue.


I always noticed that my symptoms got worse when I ate, so I decided not to eat. Living within a body that I had no control along with emotional stressors made me livid. I was constantly searching for the control that I thought I needed. Therefore, I started participating in disordered eating behaviors from a young age. I would restrict my intake of food and exercise excessively. I thought that happiness was 95 pounds. But as the numbers on the scale sailed lower and lower I was never any happier. And so I learned that starvation was not the answer that I was looking for. Yet, I knew that the answer would be found in nutrition. So my search began.


At the peak of my symptoms manifestation I knew that I could not continue to live a life that was ignited by such a fiery fuel. My natural instincts lead me to believe that the answers to my prayers lied in nutrition.

Not the Food Pyramid (that never got me anywhere good) but within a more holistic philosophy that was nothing short of a manifestation of awareness. For a year I searched and read for the answers. I tried everything. Nothing worked. Than finally I came across Natalia Rose’s book Raw Food Detox Diet and everything fell into place for me. Upon reading her entire book in one sitting I knew that I had found the answer. After meeting with Natalia for a consultation, she helped guide me in the right direction by giving me moral support, advice and by sending me to Gil Jacobs for colon hydrotherapy. After a few years of dedicated cleansing, I can say that I have made it out of the Forest and no longer have ailing symptoms. I am migraine free, ED free and my periods come and go in a tolerable fashion. I am eons from where I was and I know that my health will only get better and better.

Going through this healing process has changed me into a different person. Although My love for art lingers and will never die, I know that my life’s calling is to help people. Everyone asks why I want to be a CCH, they think it is so weird and that I am crazy. But the truth is simple, upon experiencing the benefits of what I do and seeing how it can change the world, I am fully dedicated to sharing it with others.