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What is a Colonic?

A gravity colonic is a safe and systematic method that utilizes water to cleanse the colon of toxic waste.

Do Colonics Hurt?

Colonics should not be painful. If the stool is very dehydrated or if there is a lot of gas pressure in the body a person may feel cramping while the waste is leaving the body. Once the waste has passed, you are left feeling wonderful!

Are Colonics


Yes. The waste that is removed during a colonic is maintained within a closed system. This means that the waste does not touch either the therapist or person receiving the colonic. Since the waste is maintained within a closed system, the smell is also undetectable. Furthermore; all of the equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. We clean our speculums by manually removing any waste. Then the speculums are soaked in 35% hydrogen peroxide and are placed in a heat sterilization system called an autoclave. The autoclave is a perfectly thou rough method of cleaning and has been used by medical professionals for decades.

How often should I receive Colonics?

That is a very personal decision and should be made based off of your age, goals, health levels and diet. Working with a therapist is the best way to determine the proper number of treatments that will best suit your lifestyle.

Will I become dependant upon Colonics?

No. Gravity Method Colonics engage the colon muscles by encouraging a rhythmic peristalsis that works to actually strengthen the colon. If anything, you will find that you have more natural bowl movements upon engaging in a series of colonics.

But Colonics are Unnatural. Why do them?

Yes, I agree. Colonics are unnatural but so is every other aspect of our modern lives! We spend so much time engaging in unnatural behaviors that have degenerative effects on our health wellbeing and appearance. This is why it is necessary to engage in colon hydrotherapy. In order to combat the unnatural circumstances that plague our daily lives! Colon hydrotherapy and a properly combined diet are the tools that we need in order to help the body cope with our compromised environment/past eating habits. If we lived in a natural world, there would be no need for colonics because our bodies would be clean enough to regenerate and function on their own