Millburn, NJ (Right outside NYC)


“Iridology is the science and art of observing marks in the iris that occur as reflex responses to specific tissue conditions in each body organ. Information from each organ is conveyed by nerve connections and terminates in the corresponding sector of the left or right iris, causing changes visible upon magnification as variously shaped and colored marks.”

– Definition of Iridology from the New York Institute of Iridology

The entire body is represented in the Iris; by looking in the eye, one can gage the tissue quality of various organs, organ systems, and the bodies state of being as an overall whole.

Eye examinations are an incredibly attuned discovery technique. Having regular eye examinations can keep you discover what is going on in your body. It helps you determine tissue conditions before you start feeling symptoms. This is possible because the Iris is sensitive to changes in body chemistry that even the slightest imbalance within our ecology will be evident in an eye examination.

During an Iridology Examination, a practitioner will look into each Iris with a magnifying glass and take a highly magnified picture of each. After the examination, the practitioner will make comments based on what is discovered. In addition, you will receive a copy of the photograph and a chart showing the various tissue conditions discovered after a 48 hour period.

Within two days the practitioner deeply observes each photograph and you will receive your photo, a description of what was discovered, and advice on how to improve the tissue conditions noted.