Millburn, NJ (Right outside NYC)

Nutritional Consultations

The body is just like a piece of glass both in structure and in its symbolic metaphor. The sheet of glass must be sturdy enough to stand in a window and be impermeable to weather; each molecule that makes up the glass must be strong and work in harmony with every other molecule within it.

The body is very similar in that every cell needs to be working in harmony with its comrades to keep it working well as a whole. Unlike melted sand, human cells are much more complex. They are alive, and unlike a piece of glass, we are permeable. Our success as living organisms is based on our ability to absorb, block and excrete substances from our environment.

When working with clients I take this fact of life to heart by engineering a plan that promotes the absorption of positive substances and the excretion of negative substances.

Every person is unique and while one person may function well on one batch of advice, his/her contemporary may fail on the same plan. That is why I fully evaluate each individual so that I can give them a diet plan that matches their current level of health, future goals, comfort levels and lifestyle choices so that they are content with their daily experience.

My goal for everyone that I work with is the same: to slowly transition to a healthier diet over time in order to raise levels of health and cleanse the body in a non-evasive way. This allows for detox symptoms to be significantly reduced or avoided and a feeling of satisfaction. The idea is to enjoy daily eating experiences while undergoing seeing positive results on a consistent basis.

*I work with people who have different backgrounds and goals. Whether you are a meat eater, vegan, vegetarian, raw, or raw vegan eater or have goals to move towards any of those modalities, I can help.


*I am especially inclined to examine my client’s emotional background, their relationship with food, relationship with their bodies, their health and goals.


*I work with people who simply want to lose weight and those who want to heal themselves of debilitating diseases that doctors have lead them to believe were untreatable.


*I also am especially successful when it comes to working with clients who have developed disordered relationships with food, constantly enter and exit dieting cycles, body dysmorphia, etc.


*If there is anything unproductive about your diet, I am here to help you and it is my greatest joy, the one thing I live for, to see people overcome their ailments. I have seen success so many times that I am positive after a short while of working with me, you will be surprised with the progress that you have made.